Phaser js is awesome HTML5 game engine for browsers. Using it, you can write a your game using HTML5 technologies. Under the skin we have pixi.js lib which uses WebGL or canvas for rendering. With Phaser.js creating games is super fabulous.


  • Go through the Phaser.js Getting Started Guide, it will show you how to download the framework, set up a local development environment, and give you a glimpse of the structure of a Phaser project and its core functions.
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Asset pipeline and Coffee Script.

The Game

The whole game will be mountable Rails Engine. Thanks to this I will be able to add it to the header of my blog instead dynamic pattern. For graphics I will use free kenney platforming assets.

In game you will be able to move through map, jump, place bombs and chat with other people. Bombs can hurt other players and monsters. The multiplayer server will be written using eventmachine and websocket for communication.