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Web App


Install ruby 1.9.3 on your system and clone application:

git clone [email protected]:Oxtilo/BetaDroid-Server.git
cd BetaDroid-Server

Create config file .env with content:

GOOGLE_KEY=google-oauth-key-here GOOGLE_SECRET=google-oauth-secret-here [email protected] APP_NAME=app-name-to-display APP_DESCRIPTION=short-app-description

Create credentials in https://code.google.com/apis/console/ for oauth google plus login and place it in .env file for key GOOGLE_KEY and GOOGLE_SECRET. Callback url will be pointing to /auth/google_oauth2/callback path.

Install dependencies and create sqlite3 db

bundle install
bundle exec padrino rake ar:create -e production
bundle exec padrino rake ar:migrate -e production

And finally run webserver

bundle exec padrino start -h -p 80 -e production

Android application

Android app on Google Play

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